• Offices to let Gdańsk

In the city centre, yet isolated from the urban clamour in the immediate vicinity of the diplomatic agency, you can find office spaces located in a modern traditional-stylized architecture which combines elegance of Wrzeszcz typical baroque revival style and modern designs.

The building was put into operation in 2008. It offers five independent, luxurious office spaces located on four floors with a total area of 710 square meters.

The development offers a high-class interior design and neat environment to fully meet the expectations of customers who would like to pursue their passions while working in the most comfortable conditions. The facilities offer also secure parking spaces.

The building has natural gravitation-based ventilation system, compounded of air conditioning with a modern natural draft system which is a perfect solution for people who suffer from allergy.

The building provides three archive rooms located on the base floor. The storage area is designed for filing and archiving documents and other materials related to the business operations.

We offer comfort, privacy, peace and quiet office spaces which guarantee effective and creative work environment.